A woman climbs a branch to look in a mirror and saw herself.

Happiness is when we think , do and create which ultimately satisfies the inner soul. No matter what, we have to live our life independently, that’s the living moment by knowing each and every pass by moments separately and worthwhile.

This may add values to our life and gives us a definite purpose. After all, who knows you better than yourself? As we experience things closely, we certainly know what we really need. This makes us feel really special and blessed. We are free to take our own decisions wisely by the grace of God.

‘Me time’ gives us peace of mind and the ability to understand our thought process better, in which we find solutions to the obstacles that hinder our growth. But somethings should be done in a controlled way i.e., by not hurting others, thinking that what if that might be happened with us? It matters while we are living in a same environment that we are gifted by someone else or by His (God) choice. He already chosen why we are here.

The Purpose is very much important to be clarified in this journey of our dream life! This needs some guidance, counselling, psychological balance, spirituality, patience, self-control, etc. In every person’s life, there would be someone with different hands as like changing shadows.

On that moment, we listen to our comfort’s voice only. As we carry the passport to our own happiness.Meanwhile, day and night or ups and downs occur at every stage of our life, in accordance with; we have to adjust with that nature. And it’s what we considering ourselves by giving true importance to our own life.



  1. This is wonderful, thoughtful advice Anu! An empowered self is where a fuller life begins and subsequently attracts others, especially others on the same path, at the same point, and like-minded. Then the additional human forces of creation are amplified and grow exponentially! 🙂

    Thank you for this post. ❤

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