‘A thought to an unguarded act’

As in our growing age, we have to face or deal with many ups and downs that come unexpectedly. As the Bangalore molestation case, a girl is being attacked or molested by 2 people. If that, happened with us? We have to be strong by inside and outside by making some strong confidence and learning self-defense to protect ourselves.Β 

It’s just, at that time everybody got panicked or being afraid like don’t know what to do immediately. But one thing is for sure, to deal with all these problems, being conscious is very much necessary not by being lost, clueless, it only gets hurt. So, just initiate a good challenging step to be able to handle such crises and save yourself by your own.

Be ready to protect yourself by your own,
be ready to give inspiration to others.
Be ready with your strong confidence,
be conscious enough to know the place where you are going to.
Be mature enough to look around you and who is trustworthy,
be alert sometimes at what time you are going out.
Until and unless, you are your real saver or safeguard.



    • If we consider, equality on the right basis, safety is in our hand. Besides, we must have to develop better thinking capacity & point of view, good intentions and moreover, a good heart.
      Thank you for your intellectual comment πŸ™‚


  1. That’s so informative and motivating! Thank you for sharing a post on this topic.
    Though just an advice, use the images of good pixels so that they don’t look stretched.
    happy writing!!

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