preview_happy-easter-2015Love? Love is just a word. Compassion, affection, sharing gives it meaning. Respect is the sense of worth or personal value that you attach to someone. In short, they are like the growing twins in each one of us.

When you give and show respect and love respectively to others then much more value comes to you automatically. This defines your true heart which comes from your true belief.
Mother Teresa put it so beautifully –
“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do.. but how much, the love we put in that action”.
Be a helping hand to somebody.
Be sure to smile often and love yourself.
Besides, dogs understand our feelings when they are close to us. If you have the love for them, they will love you too. And, if you have hatred and desire to harm them, they will start barking and attacking you!
If you surround yourself by good ones, tell them how much you love them. It generates a feeling of being reliable or trustworthy.

You should give time to others; what they have to say or convey.
You should be kind and polite to everyone.
You must listen what they’re talking about.
You should understand the situation and act accordingly.
Be careful while you converse or do things, as this may reflect the true character of oneself.
Moreover, it doesn’t matter in which condition you are, you still need a potential to do what you can. If you don’t want to do something to others then simply say no with respect and a positive body language rather than being rude.
Live in moments. Do your bit, don’t wait for the rest. So, it’s not what’s in your pocket that often matters but it’s in your heart that truly matters.
Think something nice every day and ready to take life with full zeal.
Love Loving!!
Happy Easter:)



  1. Anu, yesterday I watched a movie. I was called Risen. A centurion’s account of the resurrection of Christ. Love was what conquered all. Even when it hurts, love. It is reciprocated from the hateful when you pay love for hate. Nice one.

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